Winter Carnivals & Winter Festivals in local NE Ohio schools…

    It seems we have been seeing a lot more ‘winter carnivals’ or ‘winter festivals’ at the schools in our area lately.  Typically, the PTO/PTO will put on a carnival intended to bring parents and other family members to the school while providing the children with exciting activities and incentives to work toward.  Most also tie in a fundraiser or two to help with other events through the school year.

Today we did a winter carnival in Shaker Heights at Mercer Elementary. What a great group of kids, parents, and teachers.  The principal seemed to know every name and had a few jokes on the microphone while teachers and parent volunteers zipped around the school filling in as needed to ensure the kids had a good time.  Of course Ohio Mobile Gaming brought a little fun with us – this time in the form of an obstacle course, bounce house, and cotton candy machine. The cotton candy machine was such a hit that I ended up helping make cones for the entire 2 hours!  In other areas, parents and teachers provided the kids with food & drink, a DJ, face painting, balloon twisting and plenty of physical activities.  They even had a raffle with prizes like gift cards and a new bike!  I was thoroughly impressed!

     If you plan on throwing a school carnival or festival – we can certainly help you out.  Call a representative today for a consultation and we will help you create a day that everyone remembers!

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