OMG Free Invitations

OMG Offers Two Types of Free Invitations


1.      If time allows, we will send you as many post-card format party invitations as you need (seen below)!  They are professionally printed on both sides, and simply require a sharpie marker to fill in the blanks.  Add a $.29 postage stamp and you’re done!  You’re bound to get a better response if the invitees know it’s an OMG Party!



2.     If there’s a time crunch, click HERE for a printable .jpg version of our OMG birthday invitation.

  When printing, dont use the print function in your browser. Hover over the image, and click the print icon that appears near the bottom.


Here’s a PDF version of the same OMG Party Invitation

Just print it as-is. from your browser, without zooming in. OR, download and save it, then print from any picture viewing software to avoid the file URL from printing at the top of the invitation (if your browser is set to display that)