Virtual Reality – It’s in our Akron Game Truck!

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On Oct 13, 2016, Sony Entertainment released the most well-rounded and well-received Virtual Reality system to-date.  The PS4 VR bundle has everything necessary to fully immerse gamers into another world.  We’ve been anxiously awaiting a system that deserves to be added to our game trucks, and this is it!

For now, the Playstation 4 VR/Virtual Reality set-up will only be available in our Akron Mobile Game Truck starting in November 2016.  Until more games are released, it will be available on one screen inside the truck.  We’re counting on our customers’ feedback to determine whether it should be included in all of our trucks, and on all screens…so be the first to check it out.

If you’re considering buying the PS4 Virtual Reality Bundle for that special someone this holiday season, try it before you buy it in our enclosed video gaming theater complete with 5 large screens and gaming stations, on-board power, heat/air conditioning, 3000w sound system, and optional add-on photo booth.  It’s worth noting that Sony / Playstation recommends their new VR headset for gamers 12 and over.

Be the first to check it out by calling 330.745.4545 for more information and details! 

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