OMG is Offering Over $20 Million in Gift Cards to Schools in NE Ohio

Lack of participation is the number-one reason fundraisers under-perform. After all…if you don’t have cool prizes or incentives for the students, they could care less. Some parents take it seriously, but many won’t hear about your program because the info never makes it home!

 We’ve worked with NE Ohio schools and fundraising companies for over 5 years and are ready to give back to Northeast Ohio. We now offer a free program that piggy-backs onto your current fund raising efforts and ensures maximum participation:

 “For the 2017-2018 school year, Ohio Mobile Gaming is offering every single student in 8 counties a $25 gift card for participating in their school-sponsored fundraiser. This could total over $22 million.”–

 It’s that simple. You can continue to raise money however you normally do – magazines, cookie dough, read-a-thons – and we reward the students for participating. They won’t be selling our items or services. We just provide the gift cards for participation. Typically, every student that participates at the minimum level (ie reads one book or sells one tub of cookie dough) will get a gift card.

 Having every student participate at a moderate level is much more profitable than the typical results we see, which is a few high-volume sellers and whole lot of non-participators.”– Ohio Family Guide, 2012


WHO’S ELIGIBLE? Schools in Cuyahoga, Summit, Stark, Medina, Portage, Lake, Lorain & Geauga counties

WHAT DO YOU GET? A higher participation level as well as sponsorship from a trusted, well-established company right here in NE Ohio. Your school will also receive a $25 gift card for each student that participates in your fundraiser. Plus, your school and PTA/PTO will receive preferred pricing for any OMG event scheduled in the 2017-2018 school year.

WHY? To generate interest in your program and make more money! From our Mobile 3D Video Gaming Theaters to our 50+ inflatables, we have something to make every event more fun. Kids love us!

Contact your local office today to enroll1

OMG Akron: 330.745.4545 OMG Cleveland: 440.822.3960