Local Company Offers Over $20 Million in Gift Cards to Schools in NE Ohio

Cleveland OH – September 15, 2012

Ohio Mobile Gaming, a local mobile entertainment and party rental company, is offering every single student in NE Ohio a $25 or $50 gift card for participating in their existing school-sponsored fundraisers. This could total over $22 million dollars if every eligible school were to enroll.

Ohio Mobile Gaming’s new program offers schools and parent-teacher organizations an exciting way to motivate students to participate in their existing fund-raising efforts. Sue Boggs of Bissler PTO in Twinsburg said “The students literally jumped out of the seats when I talked about your prize…so thank you!” Ms. Boggs has experience fundraising in a previous career, and knows the program will help increase student participation significantly. Bissler Elementary is the first school in the area to take advantage of the giveaway.

When asked about the offer, manager Jason Hoffman said “We work with the schools on a regular basis and have noticed a trend. Their entertainment budgets are getting smaller and it’s because fundraising isn’t what it used to be. Some organizations have even gone to bakeless bake sales to increase margins. That’s a problem…nobody wants to buy a virtual baked good and hand over real money.”

Ohio Mobile Gaming has been providing families, schools, and corporate clients with inflatables and other party rental items for over 5 years. They boast one of the largest party entertainment inventories in NE Ohio anchored by over 50 inflatables & two mobile gaming theaters.

OMG was the first company to bring mobile gaming to NE Ohio and is the only company in the area with two gaming theaters on the road. The first, a climate-controlled 3D Mobile Video Gaming Theater, allows 20 players to game simultaneously. This custom gaming theater was built by the OMG staff in 2010 and has seen several upgrades already including a built-in digital photo booth. The gaming truck was originally built to increase parents’ options when planning cold-weather birthday parties. “How many times can you go bowling and eat pizza? It was time for something new and exciting in the Cleveland – Akron area.” said Hoffman. Due to its increasing popularity, you can now see the OMG game truck on the road year-round.

OMG’s other custom gaming trailer, The Diamond Heist Laser Maze, is the first of its kind in the country. In a movie-like setting, players climb through a laser security system in an attempt to retrieve a stolen diamond. Onlookers can see the action inside the trailer by watching a live video feed on the external television. Hoffman says “…this trailer is very popular at public events and is a perfect fit for organizations looking for something unique.”

When schools enroll in the free program announced today, all participating students will receive a $25 or $50 gift card from OMG. There is no out-of-pocket expense for the schools or students and the new program is easily incorporated into any organization’s goals. It’s a win-win situation for all involved.

For more information, interested organizations should enroll at www.ohiomobilegaming.com/schools or contact OMG’s fundraising department at 330-745-4545.


Submitted By : Erin Mccoy , PR & Marketing Advisor @ OhioFamilyGuide.com