How to Entertain Guests of All Ages

When hosting an event for all ages it is important to keep each guest in mind. The inflatable rentals at Ohio Mobile gaming are not just for entertaining children. Items such as our Bungee Run and Joust are perfect regaurdless of the age group.

Age does not change the natural competitive nature of humans. By having various comeptiton based rentals, guests are sure to stay entertained through out the whole event. Whether it is toping a personal score or claiming victory over another, everyone will be engaged whether they are the ones involved or cheering from the sidelines.

Bungee Run is a rental that will get everyone up and moving. In this competition, two people race at a time. Each person wears a vest that is attached to a huge bungee cord. The objective is to run as far as you can, placing your marker down before the bungee cord pulls you back. This goofy competition will keep bringing guests back for more, just like the bungee cord!

Another inflatable that captures the competitive spirtit is our Inflatable Jousting Arena. This rental puts competetors head to head for a king of the hill battle. The soft pugils and inflatable ring keep everyone safe. Whether you are standing victorious or bouncing off the top, all guests are sure to have a fun and enjoyable time. This is another inflatable that even if you are not up there yourself, watching your friends and family battle it out is just as entertaining.

With a huge selcection to choose from, these are just some of the entertaining ways to keep every friend, co-worker, and maybe even grandparent involved and having a blast. If you are ready to bring some fun competition to your event, call 3307454545 or 4408223960 to start your rental order!

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