End Summer With a Splash

What better way to end your summer than with a big splash? As the season of outdoor fun comes to an end, be sure to close it off right. Ohio Mobile gaming has more than enough rentals to help you host a fun-filled end of the year bash.

Nothing screams summer more than Water Tag. Yes, you heard that right, Water Tag! Instead of spending sunny days indoor with Laser Tag, why not try out our refreshing alternative. As water is shot at the opponents their vests collect it. By the end of the match, whoever’s vest is holding the least amount of water is the winner! This fun and active game is one that will encourage kids to spend more time outside.

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Another fun outdoor activity to cool off your kids is our Big Splash rental. Instead of having a typical Dunk Tank, why not try something new? This alternative is safe and easy to assemble making to perfect for people of any age. When the target is hit, a bucket full of water will tip over, splashing onto whoever is standing underneath. This will serve as entertainment for hours!

Don’t let your kids feel down about summer winding down; celebrate the fun times they had this year and create more memories. If you have any questions, call all us at 3307454545 , 4408223960 or start your online order today!

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