Beat the Heat this Summer with Our Water-Related Inventory

Summer is upon us and there is no better way to enjoy the warm weather with our water water-related rental equipment. We have four fun and exciting options for you to choose from that continue to make a splash all over the Akron/Cleveland area!

Our first option is the classic Slip n Slide, which is all time summer classic. Slip n Slides are always one of our top sellers during the hot, summer days. Feel the cool breeze while gaining a full head of steam and enjoy the misty, splashes of water while traveling thirty feet before coming to a stop.

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If you are looking for an new and exhilarating alternative, another big time seller during the summer is our Water Tag. These are not your average water guns. We provide you with state-of-the-art water guns from Water Warriors. The rules are extremely similar to our laser tag. You are given a vest, with a water gauge, and a pressurized water reservoir. Whoever has the least amount of water in their gage at the end wins!

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If our first options aren’t a big enough splash for your needs, have no fear. We also have two types of dunk tanks to choose from. Our first option is the original Dunk Tank. Although a dunk tank seems very big, our Dunk Tanks are breakdown into six sections, are easily portable, and can fit in the back of most SUV’s. Whether it is your mom, dad, best friend, brother, or sister, there is no greater feeling than hitting that target and seeing them splash!

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An exciting alternative to the classic Dunk Tank that we have to offer is the Big Splash/Big Kahuna. Instead of having a person fall into a tank of water, the Big Splash/Big Kahuna has a bucket of water dumped on the brave volunteer. It truly is a safe alternative to the dunk tank and is fun for all ages!Cleveland OH Dunk Tanks

With our Slip n Slides, Water Tag, and both of our Dunk Tanks, Ohio Mobile gaming is your cheat code to beating the summer heat. For more information, please call us at 330-745-4545 (AKRON) or 440-822-3960 (CLE) for help planning your event today! Or, click here for a quick online quote.

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