Exclusive Inventory for Akron and Cleveland

Did you know that Ohio Mobile Gaming has area-specific inventories in the Akron and Cleveland offices? If you plan your event through the Akron office, OMG has three exclusive items that have the kids going crazy. The first is our biggest item, and arguably the most exciting, which is the GIANT 68′ Obstacle Course. This fun and exhilarating obstacle course consists of small tunnels, vertical and horizontal pop-ups, an inflatable rock-climbing wall and a large slide. The course is great for large events such as prom, grad parties, school functions, and church functions, so get ready to “go big or go home.”

The second Akron-exclusive item is our PA Speaker System. Whether you are looking for something to play music with, or need a speaker to deliver a speech, OMG’s PA Speakers are exactly what you are looking for. The speakers are bluetooth compatible, and if that isn’t what you are looking for there are also inputs for AUX, XLR and 1/4, RCA, and also have USB and SD inputs. These lightweight speakers weigh in at 35 pounds and are less than $100 dollars (pickup only) so there is no need to go and buy a speaker that you will most likely never use again. Save the hassle and let OMG take care of it.

The last Akron-exclusive item that we have to offer is one of our newer products called “Hot-Potato.” This unique game uses the floating balls in a race format.  You have to tilt the air-nozzles very carefully to pass the floating ball from one airstream to the next.  Whoever gets their ball in the bucket first is the winner! It has been a big hit and the kids cannot get enough.

If you are booking your event through the Cleveland office, we have 8 new and exciting items for you to try such as our Log Slammer. Step into the ring and play jump rope with giant, swinging log. Do you have what it takes?

We also have a Dance Party package, which includes 2 hours of a professional DJ service plus interactive games. Get ready to boogie!

If you’re not a dancer, do not fear! We have plenty of other exclusive deals such as the Euro Bungee Trampoline. It has the bounce that can take you to the moon. It is truly state of the art fun!

We can also provide you with our Tycoon Typhoon, the sight of flying cash is very enticing, lets see how many dollar bills you can grab in our whirling box of wind!

For all of you golfers out there, please try out our Inflatable Mini Golf. It is a great new twist on miniature golf and is available in 3, 6, or 9 holes. If you’re not one to jump or play around on our inflatables, at least come play a round of putt-putt.

Ohio Mobile gaming is here to provide you with the newest and most exciting gaming equipment. The Human Hamster Ball is hot product that everyone is looking to try. Bounce around or race your friends in giant, inflatable balls. It is truly something everyone has to try at least once.

Lastly, we have 2 types of basketball games for all of the hoopers out there. Compete with your friends on Bungee Basketball to see who can pull their friends and go for the dunk, or test that jump shot with our Inflatable Basketball.

Regardless of what you are looking for, make sure to check out our Akron and Cleveland exclusives. For more information, please call us at 330-745-4545 (AKRON) or 440-822-3960 (CLE) for help planning your event today! Or, click here for a quick online quote.

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