OhioMobileGaming.com is now on a new server with a new host…

Some of our customers have noticed a variety of issues over the laset few months with our site which were hard for us to replicate.  After some diligence however, we noticed that our site was going down for a few minutes at a time several times a day…often totalling 1 hour of downtime every 24 hours!  So, thanks to the tips from our customers we finally were able to track the issues back to our host – Blue Host – who adamently refuses to accept any responsibility.  All they wanted to do was to sign me up for a more expensive service citing that “if you are running a business and up-time is critical, you should upgrade to a better tier of service with faster speeds and more support”.  Yea right!  You can’t even hack-it with a $6/month plan…I’m not paying you $20 to prove you can keep my site online!

As of April 25th at 11pm we made the switch to an actively managed hosting platform designed exclusively for the WordPress (which we built this site on).  We’d like to thank ZippyKid.com for the excellent customer service, seamless migration, and 33% faster load times since we made the transition.  We are in no way affiliated with Zippy Kid, but want everyone to know not only how nice they are to work with, but how disappointed we are with Blue Host.

We apologize to our customers who were having issues with the site and happy you stuck with us while we figured it out!  Here’s to some more fun parties, video gaming, and celebrations!! OMG!!

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