Inflatable Bouncers – Each time he bounces, he’s burning off some steam!

First Lady Michelle Obama has taken it upon herself to start an exercise related initiative for America’s children.  This came on the heels of an onslaught of media attention starting with “Supersize Me”, a documentary highlighting the underlying causes of obesity in The United States.  It can’t be argued that America is in better shape than we were 50 years ago ; statistics don’t lie.  Some argue it’s a generational drift while others blame it on fast food and processed snacks.  Still others believe technology is the main culprit.  Regardless of who’s right, another fact can’t really be argued : exercise is good for us if it’s done right.  Most would also agree that we don’t exercise enough as a country.

The next time you plan a birthday party for your children, think about everything that’s going into the kids and what happens as a result.  The ‘traditional’ birthday party would consist of an ingestion of pizza, ice cream, birthday cake, and some candy.  If you’re feeling generous, maybe even some soda! Coming out of the kids shortly thereafter will be an abundance of sugar-inspired energy followed by extremely loud voices and a temperamental sugar-crash.  Sound like fun?  No thanks!  Give them an outlet to burn off the sugar.  It’s not an everyday thing – so we let them indulge which is fine.  But setting up a good outlet is the key to helping maintain their health AND your sanity!

Have you ever jumped on a trampoline for hours at a time? Most likely not…it’s too tiring.  When we get tired as adults, we limit our physical activity, get cranky, and try to sneak in a nap!  Kids though just keep going and going and going….like the Energizer Bunny!  So get the kids at your party a bounce house for the day…or perhaps an obstacle course. They will bounce and bounce and bounce…then run around the yard…then climb back in the giant vinyl ‘fort’ and bounce some more.  If you let them, they will jump into the night.  Sound good? It should!  Not only will the kids at your party be occupied, but they will be exercising.  Once they are done (or rather, you drag them out), they will be exhausted!  If your kids are like mine, exhaustion puts them right on the fine line between extreme crankiness and being pitifully cute.  Whichever way they go, you can be sure they will sleep better!  Our kids think bedtime is a game where you see how mad you can make dad!  After a full day of bouncing however, they barely make it in the bed!  PASSED OUT!  We love it, they love it, and their bodies love it.  If you’re REALLLY lucky, they may even sleep in!

So the next time you plan a party, call OMG to book an inflatable bounce.  You’ll get to experience top-notch OMG service and you might even get a little extra sleep for yourself…

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