Concession Rentals – Akron, Cleveland OH

A lot of people call us for concessions like popcorn, hot dogs, and even funnel cakes.  Unfortunately, we don’t offer a huge variety of concession rentals – we stick to the two most popular and we do it well!  Snow Cones and Cotton Candy !!

For only $59, you get a machine plus the supplies for 50 servings of whichever you choose.  You just need to provide the ice if you decide to rent our snow cone machine!  It’s that easy.  And for only $20 more, you can get an additional 50 servings of supplies for either.

So, although we’re sorry we can’t fulfill every concession rental request, we’re very happy to stick with the two we think taste the best!  Add a snow cone machine or cotton candy machine onto your next order.


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