School Events – Field Day, Carnivals, End of School

OMG is no stranger to school events.  We’ve been getting ourselves ready for the 3-week stretch (Mid-May until June 10) that is comprised of 5-6 after proms each weekend and as many as 10 school deliveries each weekday.  Figuring out how to get 10 orders to 10 places before 9am was a bit challenging at first, but we’ve got the system down!

So, if you’re planning an event for your school through the PTA or PTO, call one of our associates for help planning.  We are aware of the all the caveats that make your job harder than it needs to be – committees, too many opinions, restrictions on deposits, insurance requirements, & even municipal Fire Code requirements!  We’d be happy to tailor a plan that fits your school, time frame, and students perfectly.  Whether you need to rent an inflatable, throw a video game party, or you want a rock wall for your Friday night carnival – we’ve got you covered!


Akron: 330.745.4545

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