Make a Big Splash at your next event with our new dunk tank alternative

Cleveland OH Dunk Tanks

    Each year, we search for new items to give our customers better options when it comes to planning an event.  This year, we’ve added a lot of new products like our Akron Video Game Truck, new obstacle courses, several combo units, a rock wall with bungee trampoline and a less expensive photo booth.

Well, we couldn’t stop there!  We were looking for a great summer birthday & graduation party rental that would keep everybody cool, laughing, & having a great time…and we found it!  The new “Big Splash” is an awesome alternative to our dunk tanks – something that participants of all ages will enjoy.

  Sometimes the little ones get left out of the ‘fun’ part of having a dunk tank (getting dunked) because they are too small.  This new unit is sure to keep them happy as you aim at a target just like that on a dunk tank in an effort to dump a bucket of water on their head.  The suspense is the same – the end result is similar – and the fun never ends with this one.  They won’t stop re-filling the bucket with our easy-fill adapter until you drag them away…and the adults will have just as much fun.

   Be sure to make your reservations early this summer by calling 330-745-4545 or 440-822-3960.  Once the HOT weather is here, getting a dunk tank, slip ‘n slide, Big Splash or snow cone machine will be a challenge on the weekends.

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