Daycare Dealz – Keep the kids busy, your budget in-line, and parents happy!

10% OFF, 15% OFF, or 20% OFF – You choose!!

         If your kids are like mine, they’ll be telling you shortly that the summer is boring and they have nothing to do!!  I remember those days…and the endless lists my mother would make me to show me there actually was something to do.  At that point, I’d revise my complaint to “There’s nothing fun to do.”  That complaint is what OMG can help daycare providers avoid…which keeps everybody happy!!

        Our Day-care Dealz program is a customizable program allowing you to choose items that best fit your students for 2, 4, or 6 week sessions.  If you choose 2 weekdays (Mon-Thurs) that you’d like OMG to bring the inflatable or other item to your daycare facility, you’ll enjoy 10% off and a 6-digit code to start building discount-points aka DEALZ.   Choose 4 to receive 15% off.  And if you pick 6 dates , you’ll save 20% off each event!!!

rentals inflatables, cleveland, hudson, akron, video game truck party, birthday partiesExample: You decide you’d like a regular bouncer delivered every other Wednesday to your daycare center until school is back in.  We’ll take 20% off the 6 rentals and your students will have something fun and unique to look forward to. Not only that, but we’ll provide you with one $50 coupon per child good toward our gaming theaters.  Each coupon will have a 6-digit code specific to your facility which we use to track the effectiveness of our marketing.  The more we get back, the more you will save the next time your rent! It’s that simple.


        Of course you don’t need to choose a bouncer – or even the same item each time – but you do need to select 2,4, or 6 dates upon booking.  Using the inflatables in great exercise, fun for the kids, and very safe when operated properly.  We train your staff on safe operating procedures, add your facility as an additional insured party on our policy, and even provide you with example waivers/permission slips.  Plus, if you want to make a big deal about it…we can send you postcard invitations free of charge!

        Please call one of our representatives for more info or a customized quote. Thanks…we’ll talk to you soon! 330.745.4545


10% OFF, 15% OFF, or 20% OFF – You choose!!


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