“OMG! Your prices are higher than the competition…”

“Well, that’s because we don’t focus on price alone.” Many companies are focused on ensuring that they have the lowest pricing around while we focus most of our energy on providing the BEST party entertainment rental service in NE OHIO. That means Ohio Mobile Gaming will 1) provide you with a seamless and hassle-free customer experience when you use our website and speak to our representatives by phone 2) deliver your items on time and in a condition that exceeds the industry’s standards 3) do everything in our power to ensure that you are completely satisfied through every step of your transaction.

That being said, mistakes can happen.  We could claim that everything goes perfectly on every occasion….but with 1500+ orders per season it is inevitable that something will go wrong at some point in the year.  This is where Ohio Mobile Gaming can say with utmost certainty that nobody…and we mean NOBODY in Northeast Ohio can compete with our ability to make things right.  Every item we have can be delivered in one of 9 vehicles and trailers….and we always have a spare ready for those unexpected difficulties.  We keep staff on-call to assist whether the simplest problem arises or we have a catastrophic mechanical breakdown on the way to an  event.  Couple this with our industry alliances that enable us to access hundreds of other items, and you’ll see why Ohio Mobile Gaming is leaps and bounds ahead of our competition.   I’ll give you an example:

About 3 weeks ago I got a call from a customer who asked when we would be arriving with our 3D Video Gaming Theater  as he expected it 15 minutes earlier.  He had 25 neighborhood kids anxiously awaiting the game truck at his son’s birthday party.  Not worried about HOW this happened, I immediately sprung into action.  One of our Akron-based employees dropped what he was doing to make a trip to his office and assess the available inventory. In the mean time, two Solon employees made a bee-line to their warehouse and loaded 3 or 4 items that were clean and ready to go.  While both sets of employees raced to the customer’s home, I reviewed our records and found a clerical error that was the likely result of the mix-up.  Luckily, I was able to reach our Mobile Gaming Theater driver and asked him to head immediately to this gentleman’s party when the current event ended.

Although the 3D Theater was about an hour late to the event, the 25 kids at that party had an absolute blast!  One of our owners made cotton candy and snow cones for everyone while the other drivers set up a handful of inflatables not originally scheduled for this particular party.  We set up a bounce house, inflatable carnival games, and even a laser tag game before an hour was up.  As soon as the video gaming theater arrived, the 25 kids at the party were totally overwhelmed!  Instead of ‘bumming out’ that the game truck was late, they were absolutely ecstatic that they were in the midst of a party that would have cost over $1000(not the $350 gaming theater party they expected).  We stayed for over 3 hours and made sure EVERYBODY was happy…especially the father who called about the mix-up!  He was so elated that we pulled together a phenomenal party on such short notice that he insisted on paying for the excess services…but of course we declined.  To this day, we don’t know exactly how the mistake slipped by, or who was responsible…but it doesnt matter.  What matters is that the kids had fun, the father came through as ‘the cool dad’, and we upheld our reputation as NE Ohio’s best.  If anything like this comes up at the last minute, we have over 20 employees who can make sure something special happens to make up for the mishap – no matter whose mistake it is.  NONE of our local competition can say the same!

Now remember….we don’t make a habit of fixing errors.  We’ve built our rock solid reputation by handling our events seamlessly from ordering to fulfillment.  We have successfully served corporate clients like the Cavs and Monsters at Quicken Loans Arena, the Akron Aeros and Cleveland Indians, PNC  Bank, restaurants like Applebees, Arby’s, Harry Buffalo, and Steak on a Stone,  American Greetings, 500+ local churches, 100+ local school districts and more!  The rest of our 5000+ happy customers were residential party-throwers trying to get the best bang for their buck!  And that brings me back to my point….OMG provides an amazing value regardless of what you order.

We dont intend to downplay our competition…most are competent and several are very friendly.  However, none can match the level of service, selection, and versatility that OMG has adopted from day-one.

So the next time you see an ad saying “We will match or beat anyone else’s prices”, think twice about what you are signing up for.  It may work out well, but after reviewing our testimonials and survey results you will see that a great OMG! Experience is only a phone call away.  Call 330-745-4545 for more info.


Ohio Mobile Gaming serves the greater Akron, Canton, Cleveland, and Medina areas with rentals such as inflatable  bouncers, the country’s only Mobile Laser Maze, a 3D Mobile Video Gaming Truck, Laser Tag rentals, dunk tanks, concessions, rock walls, mechanical bulls and more!


Thanks for your time and happy shopping!!!!  We can’t wait to speak to you soom.

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