Ohio Mobile Gaming offers residents NE Ohio’s FIRST Mobile Video Gaming Theater!

If you’ve seen our trucks around, you probably already know what a hit our 3D Video Game Party Rentals are with the kids!  Once they see our colorful trailer and truck wraps, they can’t help but think about the cool company behind the catchy slogan.  OMG is not a one-trick-pony though- we offer 50+ items, 365 days/year for all of your party rental needs!

Some people have been asking about the new mobile video gaming theaters they’re seeing around town…and I really don’t have much to say!  They all seem like great companies, but comparing OMG to these other outfits is like comparing apples to oranges.  Once you learn what a game truck is, you will probably Google away until you learn all you can about video gaming parties.  When you’re looking around, you’ll notice a few similar options at somewhat similar price points.  While we have some features in our Video Gaming Theater that the other companies cant duplicate, we certainly don’t start the comparison there.  Can any of these other operators offer more than 50 items to help create the perfect party package? Of course not.

Ohio Mobile Gaming has been operating in Akron and Cleveland Ohio for over 5 years.  We have thousands of satisfied customers, introduced the video game party idea to the area with NE Ohio’s first 3D Gaming Theater, unveiled the country’s first mobile laser maze at the 2011 Great Big Home and Garden Show in Cleveland, have an impeccable safety record with the State of Ohio Department of Agriculture’s Ride Safety Division, provide two convenient locations (Solon and Norton) for customer pick-ups, rotate our inflatable inventory every 2-3 years to ensure a top-notch product, and have a staff of over 20 NE Ohio residents to handle any situation as needed.  OMG is like no other…so give us a call and let us help you plan your next OMG! Experience. Call 330-745-4545 or 440-822-3960.

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