Mobile Video Gaming in 3D

Our most exciting rental item, a 30′ Mobile Video Gaming Theater, will be ready for rentals beginning May 1st.  We’ve re-designed the trailer recently to include 55″ 3D TV’s at every gaming station. That means you can play any of the latest XBOX 260 and Wii games…in 3D!  These TV’s don’t require the bulky, battery-operated 3D glasses….just the “passive” glasses as you would see at the movie theater!

Only a handful of games have been developed in full 3D, which means the 3D gaming experiences for the rest of the content we provide is “up-converted”.  The processor in the TV makes regular content appear to be 3D.  The result is gaming content with a bit more depth…but not nearly as three-dimensional as content made specifically to be 3D.

You’ll want to make your reservations sooner than later as our Saturdays are filling up fast!

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